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beacon's history

beacon's stores are locally owned and operated.  we are a 100% brooklyn based, female founded operation that embraces sustainability and ethical business practices.  each store has a common partner, founder carrie peterson, and partnerships with previous beacon's managers, cindy wheeler, cindy h, adrian d, beth moon, and lily ciccarone.

williamsburg (now greenpoint):  
the flagship store in williamsburg opened on may 2nd, 1997.  originally 900 square feet, it was a humble little thing. due to brisk and heavy demand, however, the store quickly transformed into a fashion destination, and as such, needed more space.

carrie peterson, the store’s founder, needed a solid partner. cindy wheeler, who came to beacon's as a manager in 1999, took the reins. still owned and operated by carrie and cindy, the store made a big move in november of 2002, to a 6000 square foot warehouse across from the brooklyn brewery on north 11th st, which was later taken over by vice media in 2014. 

on march 29th, 2014, this original store made its biggest move to date by unveiling its new space at 74 guernsey st. in greenpoint.  the glorious 7500 square foot clothing paradise at 74 guernsey in greenpoint will remain home for the beacon's closet flagship store for the foreseeable future!

park slope: 
opened december 26th, 2002. this shop, owned and operated primarily by carrie’s long-time friends cindy h. and her husband adrian, also originally started at a cozy spot on 5th ave. and president street, but also due to extreme popularity, in 2009, this branch moved into a 2000+ square foot space, at 92 5th avenue, and has been very warmly received in this lovely part of brooklyn.  it is constantly inundated with fresh hot stock from neighborhood fashionistas.

opened on september 2, 2011, this shop is a collaboration of efforts, and came to fruition in large part because of the superior managing efforts made by one of our own beacon's employees, beth moon.  beth came to the williamsburg beacon's in 2004, and earned her partnership in 2011.  carrie peterson, beth moon, and cindy wheeler, all share ownership of this location, with beth handling operations.   this shop is similar in size to our park slope location, and boasts a vast open space with dramatic ceilings and oversized chandeliers made from buttons (by local lighting designer doug newton).  just southwest of union square, in close proximity to parson's new school, and nyu, it is flooded with emerging fashion, hot designers, and vintage classics.

opened on june 12, 2014, this wild child was born out of necessity and love.  due to unforeseen hurdles and uncertainty about opening the greenpoint location, our partners and employees rallied and opened at 23 bogart street with great stealth.  carrie peterson, lily ciccarone, and cindy wheeler, all share ownership of this location, with the stellar former beacon's manager, lily handling operations.  this shop is also just over 2000 square feet, and its stock reflects the style of its local demographic.  

thank you:
we have received an array of local and international press including features in vanity fair, time out ny, gothamist, racked, jane, lucky, the village voice, ny times, italian vogue, french vogue, and japan’s epica, and ef magazines. we have also received “best of” awards from popular bloggers.  most importantly, however, our customers keep coming back, and enthusiastically proclaim, “you have the best stuff.” we thank you for that.


Thermos the Dog
thermos 1995-2008, our beloved friend, original store concierge, and goodwill ambassador