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tickled pink

pink finds its way into our wardrobe at any time of year. when it’s not suitably sunny in spring and summer, it keeps things rosy in the colder months too. to make it seasonal for fall, pair it with mother nature’s autumnal earth tones. here’s what caught our eye around the store this month.
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the art of the hunt

Totemas Collaboration with designer Roberto Sanchez, Mexico City, photographs 2014

this week we introduce to you our current favorite artist, donna huanca. hailing from the manhattan store by way of berlin, beacon’s buyer donna applies her eye for patterns and silhouettes to her innovative and inspiring artwork. using found objects like clothes, fabric, and shoes, she creates performance-based 3-d fashion collages that are colorful, tactile and psychedelic. read on to learn about her process and how she finds inspiration in new york closets.
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