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lucky magazine: only the best

lucky magazine "the "online source for shopping and style" was nice enough to call us a stand out amongst the williamsburg crowd. and as you know we "pick only the best recycled threads for resale".

here's the full blurb...

"This new shop stands out from the many secondhand clothing stores in Williamsburg for its quality. Owner Carrie Peterson picks only the best recycled threads for resale, giving the donors (35) percent of the selling price up front (or 55 percent in trade). That hefty financial incentive means the often broke artist-andmusician community here constantly keeps this place full of comfy sweaters (mostly $12 – $15), leather pants (some just $8; others more than $20) and a variety of vintage party dresses (most less than $20)."

thanks again www.luckymag.com.

  • Carly Boonparn