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gothamist: best NYC thrift store

We are thrilled to announce that the gothamist has named beacon's closet as one of the best thrift shops in NYC! 

tolly wright writes...

Brooklyn-based and female-owned Beacon’s Closet is one of the most popular buy/trade/sell consignment chainlets in the city, and hip enough to get mocked in a Broad City episode for its policy of offering a 35 percent retail price in cash or 55 percent store credit for folks selling their old threads. While the finds are not the cheapest, the stores carry a large selection of trendy and high-quality options and a shoe collection that's near impossible to beat. The inventory is constantly changing, so you'l likely find something at any of the four locations, though I've had the most luck at the Bushwick branch, most recently scoring a Betsey Johnson dress ($15.95) and a Marc Jacobs sweater ($39.95).
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  • Carly Boonparn