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abc news: visits park slope

we're psyched to be on the nightly news in new york! watch abc news anchor kemberly richardson take a tour of our park slope location. 



here's the full blurb...

Beacon's Closet is a clothing exchange store where the highly-trained staff selectively buys a mix of vintage and current trendy items. Here's how it works: you bring in your clothing, shoes and accessories, and they carefully sort through the items.  

Anything with holes or stains they will pass on, but when it comes to vintage items, Tiffany Collings let us in on a few secrets. 

She says, "We are a little bit more lenient just because it tends to be more special, something from the past." Things they want to keep get a price tag and go back on the floor. Once this nail biting process is done, workers do the math, and you get a master total and a slip. 

At the register it's decision time. Take the cash, 35 percent of the total, or get a store credit, 55 percent of the total. One shopper calls it the perfect place. You can get a pair of Jill Stuart shoes for just $15.

  • Carly Boonparn