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the daily news: vintage addicts

what new yorker doesn't like being mentioned in this classic nyc paper? we certainly do.. calling us "the perfect place to trade in your old clothes".

here's the full blurb...

"For vintage addicts, the real deals are one-of-a-kind. Beacon's Closet . . . is the perfect place to trade in your old clothes – they look for current styles or vintage duds in good condition – and they'll pay you (35)% of the retail value in cash or 55% of the value in store credit. At the moment, they've got a great selection of dresses from the '40s to '70s and prices are low – $8.95 to $25. Also, don't miss the leather coats and pants."

thanks again www.nydailynews.com

  • Carly Boonparn