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new york magazine: our chic little shops

thank you to the classic new york magazine for listing us in their best stores in new york. honored to be considered by this excellent magazine. 

The full blurb...

"A Guide to the 1600 Best Stores in New York: "These chic little shops are stuffed with stylish, lightly used downtown essentials and groovy vintage pieces . . . There's a great selection of used Levi's and hip T-shirts."

In an earlier issue of the magazine, New York also compared us to the now long closed (but once so awesome) Domsey's Warehouse down on the South Side of Williamsburg. Check it out...

"Used Hipster Clothes, Beacon's Closet. In the nineties, Domsey's Warehouse was a de facto town square for Williamsburg hipsters; when it closed in 2002, Beacon's Closet assumed the mantle. Exchange buyers at both locations tend to a steady stream of cash-strapped sellers lining up to trade last week's Sevens for this week's grocery money. And unlike in Manhattan shops, where thrift-shop items rarely come with thrift-shop prices, everything is priced to move: Diesel jeans and vintage dresses are $14.95-$19.95; a pair of seventies Gucci pumps was $24.95. Celebrity sightings are frequent – so be prepared to battle for that Heatherette skirt with drop-ins like Anna Sui and Hilary Swank.

Thanks for the love nymag.com


  • Carly Boonparn