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village voice: best in new york

the venerable village voice has once again voted us best used clothing store in NYC for 2014. thanks village voice, we love you too. 

"At every store, there's a seriously impressive array of stylishness, ranging from some very upscale designer and vintage duds down to non-fancy but still adorable sundresses, chunky boots, and a great, ever-changing collection of accessories and small housewares."

Read the full post on their website "Best Used-Clothing Store New York 2014 - Beacon's Closet".

Not to brag, but the Voice also voted us best in 2001 saying...

"Beacon's Closet sandwiches a surprisingly well-stocked CD section between two much larger rooms packed with stylish resale wear. With my taste in arty pop and noisy underground stuff, I've pretty much found everything I wanted." 

And again in 2004 saying...

"Best place to judge your neighbors' former clothes – BEACON'S CLOSET. Deliberately nestled in the hippest of Brooklyn neighborhoods, the two branches of BEACON'S CLOSET rely on "neighborhood fashionistas" to supply an ever ready surplus of vintage go-go boots, used indie CDs, worn ironic T-shirts, and frumpy-cum-sassy dresses."

  • Carly Boonparn