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our manhattan/bushwick holiday party

our manhattan and bushwick stores got a dose of holiday cheer at black flamingo this year! when it comes to bringin' it, our sister stores did not disappoint. presents, dancing and tacos were in order - this party was lit! check out our bts polaroids :)

lily, christian, emma, rachel z. & ben


tim & julia

liz, emma & suzy

lily, christian, emma & rachel z

nina & ben


alma's date, alma & amber

sarah & hailey

sarah & jessie

jessie, ben & rachel e.

christian, richard & brittney


alta & richard

 katrina, claire & katrina's date

liz & b. hawk

jameson & richard

liz & brittney

lily & sheyla

lily & richard


hailey & friend

natalie and jessie

liz & brittney

emma & susy




polaroids by hailey rozenberg

other photos by kenneth jones

  • Carly Boonparn