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in search of xanadu

in search of xanadu  written by julia popescu

she is on a serendipitous quest. there is a chasm between realms where real and mythical worlds interweave, that she’ll cross if she finds. she strolls alleyways and back streets, descends stairwells, and peers through windows, hoping to stumble upon her grail. but getting no signs from the city, she pauses, and with quiet acceptance, abandons the call, left only to dream about xanadu. 

video starring bunny lampert 

directed by art boonparn - produced by julia popescu - art direction carly rabalais - styled by bunny lampert

special thanks to mike sniper, captured tracks, martin newell,  and the cleaners from venus

the cleaners from venus - "helpless" courtesy of captured tracks and martin newell


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