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what's in your purse?

there's something about getting to peek inside someone else's bag that's sort of exciting. LEAH let us take a look into her private world. leah is more than a manager at our williamsburg store, she is also one half of mighty moon, a dreamy new york band.

1. the purse: a pebbled leather vintage purse by italian label marcorossi, bought from beacon's closet years ago. 2. hot pink neoprene biking gloves by acne, also from beacon's closet. 3. beacon's bought bright yellow karen walker sunglasses. 4. always ready for a photo op! iridescent blue canon powershot digital camera. 5. cool honey altoids to soothe the throat. 6. keys with oversized ruby ring key chain, from a thrift store in hawaii. 7. in case of sweet tooth emergency, chocolate covered gummy bears and gummy letters. 8. egyptian tourist cigarette case for a wallet. given by auntie, was expressively told "not to start smoking." 9. you never know when you need a tissue. 10. revlon color riche in caring coral, goes with everything!