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the coney island mermaid parade is a classic new york version of the summer-solstice celebration. drawing from multi-cultural traditions like west african water festivals and ancient greek and roman street theater, it's the closest thing to mardi gras that we’ve got here in brooklyn!

for years, parade-goers have come to beacon’s closet for the most unexpected pieces to complete their homemade costumes. this year we wanted to shine a light on all the ultra-creative mermaids and mermen who frequent all of our locations. not all of us have the gumption to build a gigantic animatronic seashell with l.e.d lights, full hydraulics and bubbles. but we can look cute and festive while strolling the boardwalk.  

so bring on a summer filled with as many scantily clad, glitter-infused, finned beauties as humanly possible!

the 33rd annual parade is on saturday june 20th at 1pm starting at west 21st street and surf avenue in coney island.

more info: www.coneyisland.com/programs/mermaid-parade

art by dana vaccarelli

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