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funny pants - styled by sandra

sandra's retro look is revered by all of us. she has a ton of fun with fashion, constantly playing with references and decades and never taking things too seriously. she shows her eclectic, tongue-in-cheek style below.

describe your personal style.  

1970s funk mixed with 1990s nerdo hip hop. a tad bit skatergirl and ren faire.

i’m always seeing you in incredible, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. what’s one of your most treasured items in your closet?

oh wow, thanks so much! its hard to pick one. i love my mushroom onesie and my heinz ketchup sweater (featured). also, a shout-out to my red pants! we have had a lot of good times together. lots of brain cells went bye-bye in those pants. but if i had to choose, it would be my original saturday night live "coneheads invasion crew" jacket.

where do you shop for vintage?

before i started working at beacon’s, the majority of my vintage came from ebay and thrift stores in the south. i used to spend endless hours on ebay looking for gems. i don't have time to do that anymore so luckily there are now a lot of stores in the neighborhood that have all the good stuff right there for you.

do you still do stand-up/comedy?

yes, i still do stand up. my focus lately has been more on writing/producing/acting. i have lots of ideas i will make happen!

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interview by julia popescu

photos by ryan heyner

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